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The Art of Organization…

"The Art of Clean UP": El arts de ordenar

Imagine how good this would feel for an ocd person, for real, this is cool

I didn’t ever think I have OCD but I was just thinking how this gave me a good vibed feeling seeing it like this lol

I like

Eso se Llama morder un testículo 

Eso se Llama morder un testículo 


Can we just talk about this for a second? How after the explosion, Ashley helps Liara up, and then the moment that things don’t seem right, she’s pushing Liara back, out of danger’s way to go investigate, even though in theory, despite being injured, Liara’s biotics could’ve handled the Cerberus bot without getting her head slammed against a shuttle? Like, Ash puts herself out there, goes forth as part of her duty being a soldier, and puts herself in the line of fire — or rather a rogue AI. 

Ashley Madeline Williams is dutiful, protective, and fearless, and she’s come a hell of a long way since Eden Prime, putting duty first above all else, but softening for those she considers family, both human and alien alike.